Dvorak answers

12.19.07 | 12 Comments

Confused about link etiquette? Check this handy primer.

Feel free to read his response here, he still doesn’t get it.

Hotlinking is annoying, not illegal. We agree.

Where we differ, and you can feel free to chime in on this as comments are open (but moderated for spam,) is over the use of an image that I created in parody for an earlier entry. When I exercised my rights and advised dvorak.org they were infringing, did they take down the image? No, they deleted my objection, downloaded the image (appropriated it) and altered it to remove source reference I inserted. I objected again, the objection was deleted and finally the image was removed. If that’s not theft, what do you call it? Willful borrowing?

You can argue the first instance was simply lazy work. The second action, however, was taken after dvorak.org was alerted to the fact they were infringing. What do you think? Chime in. Am I being unreasonable about this? Read my entry about it and read John’s response, I’m seriously interested to understand what the community thinks about this? Should a widely read, professional journalist platform be able to appropriate someone else’s work without permission and/or attribution?

I’m not a lawyer, but the issue seems clear to me. In the blogosphere, cite your references and provide attribution if you’re using someone else’s stuff. And if they’ve said don’t use it, don’t use it. Comments are open (though moderated for spam.)

Update: 22:00 I’ve exchanged mail and comments with the folks for dvorak.org, this matter is closed from my perspective. It was a mistake which has been acknowledged and we’ll move on. However, the meta-discussion is interesting and thought provoking. I appreciate the effort put forth to uplevel the discussion and turn it into something positive and a learning experience. As a commenter already pointed out, I have made mistakes too (and work to correct them.) Commenting still enabled, but now stepping away from the keyboard for an extended time so if you submit, it’s just in moderation and I’ll approve when I’m back in the saddle again.