Does anyone think this is a good idea?

08.05.07 | 5 Comments

FISA - we hear everything you say. FISA Logo. US Police State Policy.

Update: John Dvorak’s blog used the image above without permission or attribution. That’s why I was forced to put the label on the image.

The headline reads this morning Congress gives Bush Administration more Eavesdropping Leeway. This, an administration that kidnaps, tortures, spys on its own citizens, lies, cheats, steals, and does so behind the opaque veil of “executive privilege.”

Bush publicly demanded that Congress extend this power. Given the Administration’s outright contempt of Congressional oversight, their inability to distinguish fact from untruth, and desire to operate without any transparency whatsoever, doesn’t expanding the legal power of the Administration to spy on Americans seem like something akin to providing the fox the keys to the hen house?

Congress, you did a good thing with the Energy Bill yesterday. But you should have told Bush to pound salt on FISA, rolled back the 1984-esque named PATRIOT Act, and started impeachment proceedings of George Bush, Richard Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales. You should be sending the Sargeant at Arms to take the current Executive Branch Members who refuse to testify before you into custody and compel them to speak. (I can’t help thinking that if the Executive Branch can perform “rendition” that the Congress should be able to do it too. In fact, being held secretly for a few years in a prison without access to legal counsel or rights would be just dessert for our present power mongers.)

Note to Congress: GROW A BACKBONE! You did a stupid thing for what might have seemed like good reason in 2002, but have you been paying attention since? Does this remind anyone of Star Wars where the Chancellor is collecting more “emergency powers?” No one would seriously consider that you’re anti-patriotic to want to limit executive powers now – in fact, I firmly believe it’s anti-patriotic to hand these evil-doers more power. Can we impeach Congress?