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12.19.06 | 7 Comments

Update: I’ve done an analysis of a playoff game, it’s certainly worse than expected. Take a look at the findings…

I recognize that football, particularly the National Football League (NFL,) is a for profit organization. But, there comes a time when the commercialization surpasses the product. Congratulations NFL, you’ve made it to that promised land. I’ve never been a big pro football fan, but would tend to watch it when the college game is in hiatus. I simply cannot do it anymore. It used to be a game with periodic breaks for advertisements. It’s now a very long series of advertisements with some breaks for football.

Combine that with a bunch of multi-millionaire snot nosed brats vying for attention, announcers attempting to be entertaining (they’re not,) sloppy play, low effort, and pedestrian officiating and you get an unwatchable product. Even with digital video technology to advance through the ads and a mute button, it’s still bad. Maybe I’d feel differently if I really cared about a team in particular, but I don’t think so. The frightening part of this is that the college game isn’t far behind in reaching this threshold…

The blog cawsnjaws has done a great job breaking down the commercial to content mix for NASCAR races. I’m inspired and will attempt this sort of analysis on an NFL game and college bowl game over the holidays.

After that little experiment, goodbye NFL. Perhaps I’ll check out a game again in a few years. I have to believe I’m not the only one who feels this way and that can’t be good for business.

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