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12.20.06 | Comment?

Last night was a busy one…but not how you’d expect with it being the silly season and all.

It started off with a meeting of the community that is launching a startup around pet needs last night in Palo Alto (at Mandarin Gourmet restaurant – it’s very good, I recommend it.) A colleague has some great ideas about how to merge cafe culture, pets, communities, and intellectual property, all bound together by the network. This is an early stage business and as soon as it’s appropriate, I’ll make a more in-depth entry about the business. In the meantime, it’s great to see it develop as an advisory board member. It’s always very exciting as a new business is born…

Rushing off from that event I headed to the Makeout Room in San Francisco for an evening of alternative music. The bill consisted of Cult of Sue Todd, The Boneless Children Foundation, and Naked & Shameless. While this lineup might seem a bit outside my taste, suffice to say a family member is involved in one of the groups. Sue Todd are a modern pop/punk outfit, Boneless Children have a cool name (kind of a poor man’s Rush,) and Naked & Shameless are an insurgent country or acoustic punk performance act. I particularly enjoyed “Four Food Groups,” a modern interpretation of Peggy Lee’s “Fever,” and a cover of Johnny Cash’s dark ballad “Delia’s Gone.”

Nothing like going to a San Francisco club surrounded by drunk 20-somethings while loud music, some of which you like and some you don’t, blares to remind you of your age! Regardless, I had a great time and would encourage you to take a night out like this every so often.

19 days until OSU plays for the national championship
Ohio State’s 2006 record: 12-0 Next up: Florida 1/8/2007
Tune: Delia’s Gone by Johnny Cash
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