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Our Beautiful Fans

06.26.12 | 2 Comments

Fan Drive Motor Fixture

It’s been a little while since a blog entry – things have been terribly hectic as we close the month/quarter and finish our preparations for opening Oddyssea.

We’ve had new fixtures and products arrive since the last entry, we’ve had a chance to share the Oddyssea concept with the HMB Rotary Club and with a few HMB Chamber of Commerce members, we’ve made progress on hiring our first team member, and generally have advanced the state of the situation. However, there is still SO MUCH to do.

In the midst of all of this, one of the fixtures I’ve been over the moon excited about and impatiently waiting to arrive are belt-driven ceiling fans. There is a practical reason for this in that the air in the create room gets quite stale if the HVAC system isn’t powered on – thus we decided that fans would be a good idea to keep things circulating. But the main reason is that these fans are drop-dead gorgeous.

As I install the system, I’ll share photos. The photo above depicts the fan motor drive mount (click the image to enlarge.) You can see the pulley that the leather belt wraps around that links it to the fans. It’s on top of the shipping crate (which itself is the single most attractive shipping container we’ve gotten to date.) Our fan artist produces great work. We’re delighted to have the fans at Oddyssea and to be able to represent these fans for sale in the shop. It’s a win/win I think.

Can’t wait to get these things installed, perhaps this week if the schedule will allow….