Meet the New Boss…

06.21.10 | Comment?

Same as the old boss. It’s coming up on two years since “Change” swept across the United States and there has been much water under the bridge at this point. In fact, this was about the time in the Bush Administration I started to get a bit more shrill in my criticism of actions, inactions, and decisions. Well Mr. Obama, you’ve now had sufficient time to be able to make this administration your own and your decisions speak more clearly and articulately than your words.

This whole palaver about socialism, and birthers, and truthers is simply noise. The really disturbing bit is how the policies that were criticized by Mr. Obama during the campaign have been carried on and in some cases expanded in the new administration. To wit:

  • Guantanamo Bay Prison – To be closed within a year. Still open. New secret illegal prison opened. Fail.
  • Iraq – Wind the war down and exit. War still on, people still dying, outcome uncertain. Fail.
  • Afghanistan – Take the war to the terrorists. Expanded man power. More death and destruction. Terrorists no more or less effective. Fail.
  • Illegal Surveillance – FISA, wiretapping, spying seem to continue and perhaps have expanded. Fail.
  • Rule of Law – Death warrant issued for US citizen by the Administration. Due process denied to detained persons. Fail.
  • Equal Rights – It’s still legal to discriminate against homosexuals in the US. Fail.
  • Ubiquitous Healthcare – Didn’t make it, the flock of irresponsible private companies (who were threatened by competition from the Feds!) live to harvest another crop. Some progress made here, still overall, Fail.
  • Economy – It’s great we can bail out the big guys, but the small guys are still hurting. No end in sight. Over 10% unemployment? Fail.

Who the hell cares about calling Obama a socialist when these things carry on? Where are the patriots? Well, there is one reliable patriot, comedian Jon Stewart and he calls it like he sees it below. In January 2009 the labels changed, the “war” between so-called conservatives and so-called liberals continues unabated. We have Tea Party’s being thrown by so-called conservatives complaining about non-issues like socialism and birth certificates. It’s a sad day when comedy has become the only way to actually focus on the issues at hand. Sad.

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