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It’s Simply Murder

05.31.09 | 5 Comments

Abraham stopped from sacrificing his son by an angel

I don’t know why the murder of a Kansas physician is being handled as anything other than a murder. Giving domestic terrorists a platform is a bad idea under any circumstance and unfortunately, the same people who think that child abuse and rape are ok in their leaders, condone this crime in the name of their convictions to – get this – prevent what they say is the murder. High irony indeed.

I’m pretty matter of fact about this stuff, no one, and I mean no one, is pro-abortion. Anyone with children in particular, is pro-family. But, biologically, there is a gray area in the first three months of gestation that really should be a potential mother’s business. After that (having seen the moving child on the ultrasound myself) I think it’s pretty dodgy. Medical capabilities have given us this choice and responsibility – it’s up to the individuals involved to make it and no one else.

I think it’s very interesting indeed that those who would in other circumstances say “government, get the hell out” are the very ones who wish the government to intervene on this matter. Crazy, nutjob, terrorists then go out and do things like murder this doctor in Kansas and the whole nutjob community will hold him up as an icon. Sick, I say. Sick, sick, sick. Even worse will be those who say “He’s a nutjob, but I understand why he did it to save all this unborn babies. It was necessary, but I don’t condone it.”

Say what you will about my own personal beliefs, I’m pro-choice, pro-gun, and pro-death penalty. Guess that means I’m pro-death. But, at least I’m consistent. And, given a choice myself, I’d like the government, and even more importantly, churches, to get the hell and stay the hell out of my life. These days, it’s pretty fucking hard to tell the difference between church and state. That’s a topic for another day.

Meanwhile, if the person recently apprehended is convicted as the perpetrator, I think his punishment should be to be placed on the altar of a church, have his chest cavity opened without anesthesthia, having his beating heart ripped out by a satan-worshipper, and preferably eaten while still relatively conscious (an experiment performed in the 18th century by a condemned scientist in the French revolution determined that a decapitated head keeps consciousness for at least 10 seconds post-severing.)

And, this should the conviction happen days, not 20 years, after the conviction. It’s appropriate and this sort of execution would be symbolic and useful in deterring the other nutjobs I think. Since, no doubt, he’s a devout christian, he can hope for the lord god to stop his execution as the story goes with Abraham and his son. Good luck with that, we’ll see the power of his faith, that’s for sure!