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05.06.09 | 5 Comments

The only Tweety I love is Tweety Bird

I’ve already declared myself on this subject many moons ago, so don’t view this post as anything other than status quo. Even on the far side of the world, twitter-mania is running rampant. The fact that simple multi-cast of short text messages is causing this hurts my head.

Who cares that Oprah is tweeting, I mean, really? Can’t you watch the Oprah show, read Oprah magazine, visit the website, and sign up for newsletters already? And the addition of Demi and Ashton, yuck!

CNN is running a front page on the Whitehouse jumping on twitter. Egads, it’s out of control!

Well, I’m going to go out on a limb as this meme is crossing over from the geek-o-sphere to common knowledge to say: it’s a fad. There is nothing unique, sustainable, or even interesting about twitter. Those who use it, will in the future be known as Twits. Trust me, it’s MySpace on steroids. The aspect that will survive is the notion of personal broadcasting – narcissism reigns supreme and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the only Tweet that is a good Tweet is Tweety Bird, thanks Warner Brothers and Mel Blanc.