Hello Mr. Obama

01.20.09 | 2 Comments

Bleachers the day before the Obama inauguration

Well, it’s here. The inauguration. And while I’m very excited to have regime change at home (of the orderly sort) I fear this entry will rain on many people’s parade (so to speak.)

It’s clear our new President is bright, driven, and capable. He has admirable views and challenges us to be better people. I like that, very much. However, I think that many are losing sight of three vital facts about the man and the situation:

  1. He’s just one human – You can’t expect just one human to do super-human things. He’s not a god. He’s not a super-hero. He’s a smart guy who can hopefully help lead us out of the myriad messes we find ourselves in.
  2. He’s a politician – Even in the short time we’ve seen him on the national stage, there are signs of it all over. FISA, Rick Warren, you name it. To be a good politician means compromise. For those thinking we’ve got a new ballgame in town, just wait, he’ll be more moderate and centered than you think. Even so, the rabid dogs on the right won’t acknowledge that.
  3. The country is in big trouble – Arguably, no President has taken over a bigger mess since FDR inherited the Depression from Hoover. In fact, in our household we characterize it as a “shit sandwich.” The actions required to recover from this set of problems may well serve to make Mr. Obama a very unpopular President. However, seeing items #1 and #2, he may compromise on what really needs to be done to secure his second term.

What to take away from all this? Mr. Obama’s inauguration along with the seating of the new Congress gives us a chance. Let’s hope we don’t see it frittered away. Hope was the platform that got you into office, let’s see it translated into meaningful and pragmatic action in foreign policy (end the wars,) energy policy (let’s give up foreign oil,) and economic policy (fix the basic problems of overspending on things with zero benefit.)

Now that you’re taking the mantle, I will be every bit as hard on you Mr. Obama as I have been on your predecessors. The free ride is over. Now, convince me that we really need to spend $825B more…..I wish you well selfishly, because I’d like to wish us all well. Good luck, you’ll need it.