How’s My Posting?

01.18.09 | 3 Comments

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Well, it’s almost been a month since ripping the advertising off this site. Since that time, while it might be subtle, I’ve felt much more free to write about what I want and say whatever might be on my mind relative to any particular subject.

Here are the entries post-advertising in case you may have missed them:

  • The Dreaded Bread Threat – A satire of the danger of bread. Frankly, a rip off of the “Dread Tomato” referenced in the post.
  • Sunday School: A Businessman Can’t hold a Candle to a Clergyman – Revisting (and posting) George Carlin’s video monologue on the subject.
  • Sunday School: Deserved Descration – Biology Professor PZ Myers holds nothing sacred, and neither should any of us.
  • See Slumdog Millionaire – An extraordinary film that should be seen. It has now won some hardware. I found it disturbing on multiple levels and unfortunately, it does track my observations of India in certain ways.
  • 2008 By the Numbers – Who would have thought so many people read this blog? Not me. Somehow, it still seems unreal even though I analyze the logs….Thanks for reading.
  • The Tragedy of Faith – A look at the seedy side of religion. Binny Hinn and his money machine steal money and hope from the sick, the poor, and the old. Sickening.
  • O Fortuna – A fluff entry linking to two creative videos with alternate words set to “O Fortuna.” To be fair, they did make me laugh.
  • Go Bucks! – I’ve moved the Buckeye Football content to The Buckeye View – but I couldn’t resist. Interestingly, most of my social/religious views are diametrically opposed to most Buckeye football fans; thus the separate venue.
  • Blown Coverage Ends a Great Game – See above. Commentary on the Fiesta Bowl.
  • Open Letter to Arnold – I wrote a letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urging him to revoke the tax exempt status from large non-profit organizations. As you might expect, it’s had zero impact. But at least it’s floating out there and we will get a drum beat on this issue going over time.
  • Gorgeous Day on the Coast – Often I have to pinch myself. This entry talks about the extraordinary weather we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks. Today it’s also true.
  • Visual Travelogue – Talks about a web tool that will generate maps of where you’ve been in the world, India, and the United States. It’s pretty cool.
  • I Get Mail: Blast From the Past – My life as a young cad with little to no moral fiber is laid bare for all to see. Interesting comments, I’d love to see more of this in the future (the dialogue through comments – not my bad behavior.)
  • Ten Best Lyric Phrases – My non-exclusive list of the best lyric lines I can conjure. Again, great comments. Perhaps I should write more like this?
  • Vide Deus Ad Oculos – See god with your own eyes. A personal seal offered for any who would like to adopt it for their own use. A commentary about where I’m really going with my active atheist leanings.
  • The Power of Work vs. The Power of Prayer – A repost of WellingtonGray.net’s pithy little matrix that brings the truth to our attention.
  • From Wheat to Eat – A link to a TED Talk on the art, craft, and science of baking. Utterly fascinating.
  • Newseum: Preserving the Print Dinosaurs – A nifty little tool that geographically organizes local print newspapers with commentary about the downfall of print media (and their other counterparts affected by digital media.)
  • Car Wars – A narrative of my experience in a hybrid electric vs. traditional vehicle and the conflicted feelings that come from owning and having access to both flavors at my whim.

Have you noticed any differences post advertising? Do you care? How’s the posting going? Do you like the (subtle) difference in what I’m writing about? How about the style? For what it’s worth, this platform is a good outlet for me to comment about things that have somehow impacted my thoughts and somehow keeps me sane regardless of readership. In a certain way, I guess it was a completely selfish act to take the ads away as it freed me to be even more candid and write about things that I might have shied away from when advertisers were present.

Have a thought? Share it. I’m listening. And, by the way, thanks for dropping by. I can’t say I know why so many of you do, but perhaps you get something from some of this content too. The experience is richer when you contribute to the conversation. I do moderate, but for spam only (163,225 spam comments caught to date…)