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Get a Clue, Do the Opposite

06.07.08 | Comment?

Bush describes stimulus as working while oil tops $139, unemployment surges to 5.5%, and stocks drop nearly 400 points.

I haven’t picked on President Bush for some time with the primaries occupying most of my attention. But there’s so little time left and it felt like it was time to give him another raspberry because, well, who deserves it more than he does? Yesterday the headlines read: Bush says “Stimulus may be working.”

Yet, the surrounding headlines read:

All of these headlines appeared on the same day in close proximity on my RSS reader! Does this man not have advisors? Does he have no idea about what is happening in the country he’s nominally leading? Someone buy this man a clue!

Thinking back to the TV show Seinfeld, character George Costanza stumbles into a situation where he realizes that if he does or says the opposite of whatever comes to mind, life improves. If ever there were a world leader like that, it’s our President Bush. He should carefully consider what his first inclination is to say or do and promptly do the opposite. I think he’d find more credibility and heck, maybe he could even do some good in his last 226 days in office, not that I’m counting…

Nah, who am I kidding, he should just take the rest of the term off in vacation. He’s averaging 62 days a year, or 12 weeks, probably a little more vacation than you get.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s George (Costanza) learning the benefits of the opposite:

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