No wifi, packed schedule

10.02.07 | Comment?

I’ve never understood convention center complexes not having ubiquitous wifi – even for-pay wifi. Oh well, that means it’s difficult to stay connected. Couple of observations:

  • The West tower is MUCH better than the East tower at the Nugget
  • The train side of the building is MUCH better than the freeway side of the building
  • The opening session for the conference was in a caberet room here – kind of weird
  • The hot dry rock (HDR) crowd is growing, despite the fact there seems to be a water shortage where they’re implementing the technology and they haven’t yet connected injector to production wells
  • New technologies are appearing: wet organic rankine cycle, smith cycle, screw shaped rotors for expanders, hydrogen-oxygen spalling, and many others

I’ll share more the next time I’m at the keyboard.

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