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2007 was a great year for Musings from the Coast, our traffic increased dramatically from 2006, over 20x. In 2007 we had over 250,000 unique visitors and served nearly 500,000 page impressions. One of the things I was interested in seeing was, what the heck do my visitors like to read? The results were a little surprising with some older content showing legs. It’s certainly skewed strongly toward humor, so you can guess what I’ll post more of in 2008. I certainly intended to post this around the New Year, but life intruded and it’s taken until now to get it together to post the lists. Hope you enjoy this “most popular in 2007” list…

Prison Population Increase in the US over the past 25 years

#10Prison Population Growth – Would it surprise you to learn that in the past 25 years the US prison population has grown 16x faster than the population at large? Has crime decreased by 16 times? This entry explores the US Prison Population over the past 25 years.

#9Top 10 Most Likely Ways to Die – A look at the most common unnatural causes for death in the US from the year 2003.

#8Conference Strength Report – A look at the on-field data for BCS conferences about which football conference is strongest (and weakest) throughout the course of the season.

Global Warming shown by changing style in panties

#7Global Warming: The Proof is in the Knickers – A humorous view of climate change through styles in women’s undergarments…

#6Save 10% on Gasoline – This entry was very popular as the fuel prices spiked in the US, a series of recommendations that would enable you to save gas easily, cheaply, and effectively.

My Name is Inigo Montoya name tags

#5My Name is Inigo Montoya – There are apparently alot of Princess Bride fans in the world (I know I’m one…) I’m thinking the picture of the Rodent of Unusual Size, a Capybara, was the draw to this entry.

#4Geek Chic, A Different Take – Another entry from 2006 that remained popular throughout the year, it must be the picture. I thought my Geek Chic series would be more widely read, but it wasn’t.

Geek Chic

#3Great Michigan License Plate – This post was picked up by Sports Illustrated, Deadspin, and was a StumbleUpon favorite. I shows the Morons license plate. The original creator of the photo contacted me and the real story about the plate is posted here.

#2A Mighty Wind – An oldie, but goodie that describes in detail how wind power is harvested. Authored in 2006, it still commanded huge traffic in 2007.

Michigan Morons License Plate

#1Want to get $3,500? – A post about how much electricity (money) I’m saving with a big bang switch over to compact fluorescent lighting.

Well that’s a wrap, I’ll certainly post more content this year, I hope you’ll bookmark this site and visit us often. If you see something you like from our sponsors, make sure to tell them you were referred from this site. Have a great New Year!

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