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Morons, the REAL story

12.27.07 | Comment?

A few weeks ago I posted a story connected to this photo: Great Michigan license plate

It was widely viewed and many comments were added to the original entry. Well, we now have an update on the REAL story around this plate due to an email I received from Bob Nelson last night.

FICTION – The photo of the steel blue Mini Cooper with the (M)ORONS plate in front is done very well, but is a fake. I know, because I created that particular piece of artwork. I had to convert pieces of real letters and numbers (from a sample once shown on the Department of State website) to form letters that I didn’t have. The result was a nice, though fabricated, plate. Look closely at the R and the N… they look good, but they’re merely bits and pieces of other letters/numbers. Even the S is slightly distorted. Compare them to the REAL plates shown below. Someone took my fabricated artwork and skillfully plugged it into the Mini Cooper picture. I was proud of my handiwork, but never expected it to make the internet circuit.

FACT #1 – The (M)ORONS plate really does exist, and is owned by SPAR10 PL8S member Patrick Maguire. There is also a (M)ORONZ plate. I own that one. Here is what the REAL plates look like…

FACT #2 – Someone in California will make you a plastic plate for the front of your vehicle that looks just like the fake one above. I’ve seen it… and from a distance, it looks terrific! But on closer inspection, you realize it is heavy plastic, not embossed aluminum. I will try to get the name of this person who makes it, and post the contact information here.

Read the rest of the entry from Bob’s website.

But if you just read that and left it alone, you’d be missing some great stuff on Bob’s website. I particularly liked his license plate gallery (here’s a screenshot of the gallery and a close up of the two MORONS MORONZ plates:) Great Michigan State license plate gallery

Close-up of the MORONS/Z plates from the gallery
Zoom in on the Morons/z plates

But wait, there’s more. Bob also toured and took photos at the license plate prison factory at Adrian, Michigan, here’s a sample from the that collection:
License plate prison factory at Adrian, Michigan

Great stuff Bob, thanks for the note and thanks for the laugh, I think that Morons plate is pure gold!

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