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Sunday Schism

12.09.07 | 4 Comments

Apparently, the message on this sign is not true.
Episcopal Church sign advertising that

It is not my intent to post frequently about religion, but I keep seeing things that prompt me to comment. Thus, another entry on religion.

I’ve commented earlier that no religion is any more or less valid than any other religion and recently I read an article that demonstrates this point very clearly. The Episcopal Church has been struggling for some period of time on how the humans who lead the church interpret scripture. Particularly around the issues of ordination of women and the role of gays in the church.

The Fresno Diocese (even though it is in California technically, it may as well be in Oklahoma from a world view perspective) has voted to leave the US led church and join a conservative South American expression of the church. This is one of 55 entities that has made such decisions to date.

Setting aside the reasons for the schism, if, in fact, the religion was the “one true faith” founded on words from a super-being, there wouldn’t be this petty squabbling over what the deity meant (when not saying anything about the role of women or gays in the church in the scripture.) Once one starts to view religion the way one views Santa, his elves, flying reindeer, and a sack of presents for the good kids, reading about such disagreements, not between religions, but within a single religion, becomes almost comical. Why almost comical? Because real people are hurt by believing these folk stories every day.

One other aside, when mentioning the 77 churches and various pieces of property in this article, it only served to remind me that religion is a BUSINESS. Like all businesses, this one should be paying taxes. It’s time to end the tax exemption for religions/churches in this country.