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Flashback: November 21, 2001

02.27.07 | 1 Comment

Otherwise known in these parts as “100 foot Wednesday,” the legendary Mavericks surf break is located about 3 miles south of our present location and we’re now in the “watch period” for the 2007 event.

But turning the memory machine back to 2001, there were some powerful storms that came through and it just so happened that people were in the water for a set of rogue waves that were huge. Some say 100 feet (30+ meters) some say smaller, some say bigger. Suffice to say, these waves were huge and abnormal for this part of the world.

A great account of the day was written by the San Francisco Chronicle and will serve to conjure the event should you choose to read it. What I remember about it not being at Mavericks, but on Highway 1 by surfer’s beach is waves breaking over Princeton Harbor’s breakwater and actually reaching the road surface on Highway 1.

Photo taken by Frank Quirarte

Question: How big is this Mavericks wave? Answer: The helicopter is 11 feet from rotor top to skid, the wave looks to be about 3 times the size of the helicopter. Thus I would say the wave is about 30 feet (9 meters) tall.

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1 Comment