OnStar update

04.27.06 | Comment?

I recently received my OnStar monthly update. A screen shot of the summary is presented below:

I really like this summary, it’s clear, concise and actionable. Here’s a close-up of the Maintenance Section of the report:

As you can see, everything looks like it’s going well (although, one item that’s not monitored needs some service – huge windshield crack courtesy of a gravel truck on 101.)

The Diagnostics section is interesting, looks like I need to schedule some service. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a web-based way to schedule the appointment?

Finally, notification section which has affiliated subscriptions (need to reactivate XM Radio.) All the info is there, it is stunning that the reactivate link doesn’t take advantage of the fact that the info was there.

Stay tuned, I’ll provide more updates as I use the service. I’m hopeful, that tomorrow you’ll get some info from me on one of our new Network Services. Hint: Check the Fresh Tools Tab on My Sun Connection.

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