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Weekend Update Sports: November 17, 2007

11.18.07 | 2 Comments

Oklahoma and Oregon departed the national championship picture this week. Notre Dame won the 1-9 bowl, guess they’re back in the BCS mix now…Hawaii and LSU hung on for wins against lesser opponents. Alabama and their $4M/year coach lost to LA Monroe – not to be outdone, Iowa and their $2.7M coach lost to Western Michigan. Let’s see how Ohio State’s opponents did, talk about bowls, review the Top 12, and finally the Bottom 5.

OSU Opponent Watch

  • Youngstown State (7-4) – Idle.
  • Akron (4-7) – Played Miami away, lost 0-7. Conclusion: Unexpected Loss
  • Washington (4-7) – Played California at home, won 37-23. Conclusion: Unexpected Win
  • Northwestern (6-6) – Played Illinois away, lost 22-41. Conclusion: Expected Loss
  • Minnesota (1-11) – Played Wisconsin at home, lost 34-41. Conclusion: Expected Loss
  • Purdue (7-5) – Played Indiana away, lost 24-27. Conclusion: Loss
  • Kent State (3-8) – Played Temple away, lost 14-24. Conclusion: Unexpected Loss
  • Michigan State (7-5) – Played Penn State at home, won 35-31. Conclusion: Unexpected Win
  • Penn State (8-4) – Played Michigan State away, lost 31-35. Conclusion: Unexpected Win
  • Wisconsin (9-3) – Played Minnesota away, won 41-34. Conclusion: Expected Win
  • Illinois (9-3) – Played Northwestern at home, won 41-22. Conclusion: Expected Win
  • Michigan (8-4) – Played Ohio State at home, lost 14-3. Conclusion: Loss

Buckeye opponent’s records after the 12th week, 73-67. Conference play is now complete and Ohio State won the Big 10 and an automatic berth in BCS competition, likely playing in the Rose Bowl though still alive for the MNC game with UO and OU’s losses this week. As for the other 9 bowl eligible Big 10 teams, I predict that Michigan, Illinois, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Indiana, and Purdue will be extended invitations. Iowa and Northwestern, though eligible, will not participate.

Quick Hits from Around College Football

These are the undefeated survivors; give them credit for standing tall when others are losing games they should win: Kansas and Hawaii. The Warriors eased by Nevada and the Jayhawks dominated the Cyclones. Florida International maintained its perfect zero win season, Utah State ruined its perfect zero win season upsetting New Mexico State.

Projected BCS Top 5: LSU, Kansas, West Virginia, Missouri, and Ohio State.

Game of the week? Tennessee rallied from 16 down in the 4th quarter to beat Vanderbilt 25-24.

Mismatch of the week? Boise State humiliated Idaho 58-14 in their rivalry game.

My Special Top 12 rankings: (Why Top 12? That’s where you need to be to get into BCS contention.)

  1. Kansas – Thumped Iowa State.
  2. Arizona State – Idle.
  3. Missouri – Outscored Kansas State.
  4. Ohio State – Dominated Michigan.
  5. West Virginia – Escaped Cincinnati.
  6. LSU – Rallied to beat Mississippi.
  7. Virginia – Idle.
  8. Georgia – Beat Kentucky.
  9. Illinois – Rushed past Northwestern.
  10. USC – Idle.
  11. Oklahoma – lost to Texas Tech.
  12. Hawaii – Escaped Nevada.

My Special Bottom 5 rankings: (Why bottom 5? If you finish there you should be relegated to I-AA)

  1. Florida International – 0-10 Lost to Louisiana-Lafayette.
  2. Minnesota – 1-11 this season. Lost to Wisconsin.
  3. Utah State – 1-10 this season. Beat New Mexico State.
  4. Colorado State – 2-9 this season. Beat Georgia Southern.
  5. Notre Dame – 2-9 this season. Beat Duke.

In the coming week I’ll post a Conference Strength Report and Weekend Update Sports edition.