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Toothless Energy Bill Passes

12.14.07 | Comment?

US Congress – What Evil?

The Senate eviscerated the energy bill, taking out the long-term production tax credits, the renewable portfolio standard, and reducing the role of renewables dramatically. A disappointing outcome from a disappointing body. Here’s a professional story on the subject via Renewable Energy Access:

After a hard-fought battle on the political playing field, the renewable energy industries have suffered a difficult defeat. The Senate voted yesterday evening on an Energy Bill that left out the investment and production tax credits and a renewable portfolio standard (RPS), avoiding a Presidential veto but dramatically reducing the role of renewables in Congress’ energy plan.

The Bill passed by a vote of 85-12. It now goes back to the House for approval and then to the President to be signed into law. The White House issued a statement yesterday saying that it would accept the Bill.

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Could these people really be this clueless? Or, could it be, that they’ve all lined their pockets so thoroughly that they’re incapable of taking action that benefits the American people? Just look at the income and net worth of our presidential candidates, many being Representatives in the House or Senators, to see that they are becoming wealthy and doing so at the expense of the people.

It’s disgusting, it’s immoral, and it’s not what the founders had in mind. But hey, at least the report on steroids came back confirming what everyone knows, that professional athletes use steroids. I’m glad that important business was handled – we all know there isn’t any other important business or challenging issues to address in this country.

We ought to fire the whole lot of these folks, on both sides of the aisle. They are useless.

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