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Buckeyes win Big 10

11.17.07 | 3 Comments

In an ugly game, nasty wet, cold weather, the Buckeyes ran the ball down the Wolverines throat to prevail 14-3 in a tight game on the scoreboard, but not so much from the stats perspective. Players of the game: Ohio State, Vernon Gholston who spent as much time in the backfield as Chad Henne and Mike Hart. Michigan, Zoltan Mesko who’s live leg kept this from being a blowout by changing field position continually. Special mention, Beanie Wells who accounted for OSU’s offense amassing 220 yards on 39 carries and scoring both Buckeye touchdowns.

The Good

  • OSU Defense – Rebounded from a bad performance last week and held Michigan to 95 total yards, 15 yards rushing and 80 passing.
  • OSU Offensive line and blocking generally – This game was won on the ground. The blockers were physically dominant and sprung Beanie for his big day.
  • The OSU Coaching Staff – Pulled the team back together and didn’t allow Illinois to beat them twice. A good game plan with good adjustments due to on field performances and conditions.
  • Outright Big 10 Championship – On a team with 2 starting seniors, many people, including me expected this team to lose at least two games. Way to overachieve versus expectations.

The Bad

  • Injuries to Michigan’s stars – In as much as I’m excited by this win, it was not as good as it could have been if Henne and Hart were closer to 100%. The outcome very well could have been different. But a win is a win.
  • OSU Passing Game – Receivers weren’t getting open, pass protection was spotty, and Boeckman had a bad game for the second week in a row.
  • Todd Boeckman – As impressive as he has been as a first year quarterback, he has uncharacteristically regressed. It makes me wonder if he’s been hurt or his confidence is shaken. But, the weather was bad too. His stat line: 7-13 for 51 yards, 1 interception, 1 unforced sack by slipping, 2 fumbles, both recovered, at least 5 passes open where the ball was off target. It was not his finest game. Hope he gets back in the groove for the bowl game.

The Ugly

  • Officiating – This is simply going to stay here until I see reasonably called game. At least this time it didn’t affect the outcome of the contest. Football needs to decide if holding is a penalty or not, now even the egregious examples are rarely called.
  • Production values – The game was called OK, but they’ve really got to get their act together to not show unrelated content or babble about someone on the side line and miss plays. That happened at least a half-dozen times.

An exciting throwback game that would have made Woody and Bo smile. Congratulations to the mighty Buckeyes for winning an outright Big 10 Championship and securing an automatic BCS bowl bid (likely Rose Bowl.) And, thankfully, my nightmare did not come to pass…. GO BUCKS!