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Conference Strength Report

11.14.07 | 4 Comments

STOP – This data has been updated for the entire season in this entry. Enjoy.

For prior CSRs, check the links at the bottom of this entry. Here are the results as of games completed Saturday, November 10:

Chart showing relative college football BCS conference strength from on field performance data as of Nov 10, 2007.

Comments on each conference follow, in alphabetical order:

  • ACC – No change from prior report. 7 of 12 teams now bowl eligible, 2 teams within reach.
  • Big East – Slight increase in OOC win rates. 5 of 8 teams now bowl eligible, 2 teams within reach.
  • Big 10 – Slight increase in OOC win rates. 10 of 11 teams now bowl eligible.
  • Big 12 – No change from prior report. 6 of 12 teams now bowl eligible, 4 teams within reach.
  • Pac 10 – No change from prior report. 5 of 10 teams now bowl eligible, 3 teams within reach.
  • SEC – Slight increase in OOC win rate. 10 of 12 teams now bowl eligible, 1 team within reach.

Based on performance to date, on the field, the conference ranking should be:

  1. Pac 10 – That Cal win over Tennessee doesn’t help the SEC’s case for #1, nor does the West Virginia blow out of Mississippi State…
  2. SEC – Have you ever noticed that when, say a Kentucky beats an LSU it’s because the SEC is so tough but when another strong, yet not quite top-tier team beats a big dog in another conference it’s because that conference sucks? Didn’t think so. The SEC has an impressive 10 teams bowl eligible and one still in contention to get there. And, credit where credit is due, the SEC has ZERO defeats out-of-conference against DIAA and non-BCS DI competition (in fact, not only could the SEC winner claim the SEC Championship, but the SunBelt too…)
  3. Big 10 – 10 of 11 teams are eligible to go bowling. Minnesota has no shot this year of joining that group.
  4. Big 12 – The strength at the top continues, though Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma will beat each other up over the next couple of weeks. The smart money is on Oklahoma, but for some reason, I like Missouri…Up to ten Big 12 teams could be bowl eligible at season’s end.
  5. Big East – West Virginia and Connecticut are battling for the BCS bid, 5 teams are bowl eligible with another 2 possible.
  6. ACC – Those BC losses really hurt and Miami is struggling to become bowl eligible. Seven teams are looking at post-season play now and potentially another two could join the party.
  7. Notre Dame – Tough year to be a Domer fan. Enough has been said, Charlie is recruiting at a high level, but does anyone notice that the players aren’t improving during their tenure in South Bend?

Come back next week for an update of the Conference Strength Report. Prior reports are available below: