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Five reasons to love college football

08.27.06 | 4 Comments

One of my friends asked me the other day “why college football, why not basketball, or pro football?” I thought about it and gave this answer generally (though less articulately since I have a chance to review and edit what I’m writing.)

  • 28,000 – that’s the number of people who attended a practice; not a scrimmage, not a game, a practice for Ohio State last Monday.
  • One and done – that’s what it takes to disqualify you for playing in a meaningful post season game. One loss. Effectively, the entire season is a playoff. Win against good competition and everything takes care of itself (apologies to Auburn fans, your team shouldn’t have scheduled Cupcake U in the non-conference games in 2004.)
  • Millions – the only whiny millionaires you’re likely to see are certain head coaches. The players play because they love the game. Antonio Smith, a walk-on at Ohio State majoring in mechanical engineering, won’t go to the NFL. But he’s out there practicing and helping the team every day. He was rewarded with a scholarship because of that in his senior year and might see the field during games.
  • 105,000 – that’s how many people jam into the Horseshoe for each Ohio State home game. Doesn’t matter who they’re playing, doesn’t matter if the team is good or bad, doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or sleeting, people show up garbed in Scarlet and Gray.
  • OSU/Michigan – rivalries and traditions. Script Ohio. Dotting the “i.” Army/Navy. The Old Oaken bucket. Joe Pa. There’s more to the game than the game. People can’t wait for their team to take the field and there’s always a tradition, rivalry, and/or side story to the action.

It’s only 6 days now until OSU/NIU. I can’t wait. Oh, by the way, a Google search of similar kinds of articles turned up this ESPN column from Ivan Maisel, he writes about 20 reasons College Football rules.

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