Conference Strength Report

01.09.08 | 9 Comments

Welcome to the final Conference Strength Report for the 2007 college football season. I started this report last fall and now will present the data and make a call on the order of the BCS conferences now that play is complete. As always, the data is fact, the interpretation is up for discussion. Just because things are ordered this way this year, does not guarantee that the next year will follow the same pattern. In fact, it’s virtually guaranteed to be different.

Reminder, Out-of-Conference (OOC) account for all games against all teams played out of conference, no DIAA or no patsy accounts for games against other DIA opponents out of conference, and BCS only or Big Boy win rate accounts for out of conference games against other BCS teams. So, without further ado, here is the final table:

Out of conference records for 2007 BCS football leagues

Comments on each conference follow, in alphabetical order:

  • ACC – Bowl record, 2-6.
  • Big East – Bowl record, 5-3.
  • Big 10 – Bowl record, 3-5.
  • Big 12 – Bowl record, 5-3.
  • Pac 10 – Bowl record, 4-2.
  • SEC – Bowl record, 7-2.

The final conference ranking for 2007 is:

  1. SEC – Can remove any doubt of superiority by doing two things: schedule fewer DIAA games and schedule a couple more Big Boy OOC games.
  2. Pac 10 – Kudos for only 2 DIAA games and strong OOC games against Big Boys.
  3. Big 12 – Good bowl season (Oklahoma aside,) need to win more against the Big Boys next year.
  4. Big 10 – Need to schedule fewer DIAA patsies (and beat them) and win their bowl games.
  5. Big East – Need better Big Boy win rate, even with the impressive WVU win.
  6. ACC – Need better OOC and Big Boy win rate.
  7. Notre Dame – Need to win games.

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