Mike Makeover

11.03.07 | Comment?

Recently, I got the news from my adoring spouse, that it is time for a makeover. If you haven’t seen me lately, I’m still bearded, pony-tailed, and ear ringed as I have been for the better part of two decades (26 years for earring is the longest running attribute and 16 years on pony tail is the shortest lived attribute.) With that in mind, I’m now considering what my next look should be…

Here are some ideas:

Dali ‘stache
Max Pankor
Wings w/ Hat
Karl-Heinz Hill
Nautical Theme
Franz Peter Pill
ZZ Top
Burke Kenny

What do you think? I’m greying pretty rapidly and the hair line is receding, so those are definite considerations…If you think another look would be more fitting, feel free to leave a comment (preferrably with a link to your suggested style…)

If worst comes to worst, I’ll simply get a buzz cut and shave. That certainly would be a change!

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