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Buckeyes skin Badgers, 38-17

11.03.07 | 2 Comments

If you saw a box score that showed that Wisconsin was held to 13 net rushing yards, forced two fumbles, and sacked the quarterback 10 times, you would expect complete domination in a game. Yet, that’s not quite what transpired. The Buckeyes trailed 17-10 mid-third quarter and you could sense that the momentum had changed after halftime. The Badgers had 3 scoring opportunities and the Buckeyes had some adversity. The last 1.5 quarters, the Buckeyes asserted their will on both sides of the ball and surged to a 21 point win. I predicted a 31-13 win, so it wasn’t so far off from reality….

The Good

  • 10 sacks. 2 forced fumbles. The defensive line played well.
  • 13 net yards rushing. Wisconsin came into the contest averaging 205 yards per game.
  • 169 yards and 3 touchdowns for Beanie Wells.
  • The win. When momentum changed and the team trailed in the third quarter, you could see the determination and the results on the scoreboard.

The Bad

  • Penalties. 7 for 80 yards.
  • 269 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. Donovan is a competitor.
  • Missed tackles led to 4 big plays and 200 yards of offense.
  • Blocked field goal. Third one of the season.
  • Flat play by the offense in the first 3 quarters.

The Ugly

  • Officiating. The defense would have had 20 sacks if they weren’t tackled so frequently by Wisconsin offensive line. The line didn’t suddenly get “great” after halftime, they just started tackling the Buckeye defensive line leading to 14 points.
  • Bose commercials. The volume increases at least 50% over the base sound level of the broadcast.

A very solid win that demonstrated what might be the heart of a champion. Glad to see the team overcome some adversity and win convincingly. Go Bucks!