Saddam killed Mandela, NOT!

09.22.07 | 4 Comments

I saw this last night: Bush claims Mandela is dead, Saddam killed him.

Needless to say, the headline prompted me to read what the latest Bush-ism was. In the latest dazed and confused (kind description) – alternately, outright lie – spewed from the Bush Administration (and this time, from Bush himself) in a press conference the Bungler in Chief declared that “Mandela is dead, Saddam killed all the Mandelas.”

Photo of Mandela, alive!
Nelson Mandela is very much alive, it turns out Saddam didn't kill him

When I read this, I thought surely that this was a typo. But no, our little genius was at it again. His defense?

Cheney and Intelligence told me Saddam killed Mandela, so it must be true.

After all of this, watching the actual clip shows you just how far gone this guy is. Impeachment is still off the table? Unbelievable. This man isn’t competent enough to tend a garden, let alone a nation.