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Ohio State annihilates Northwestern

09.22.07 | Comment?

This is going to be a short recap since I have a commitment that will cause me to leave before the game is complete. But, the score is 45-0 at halftime (I predicted 44-0 for the game.) The OSU offense has put up 257 yards and 38 points. The defense has held NU to 17 yards, 0 points, forced 2 turnovers and scored 7 on a fumble return.

The Good

In short, everything. But particularly a fast start with the team showing intensity throughout the first half. Tressel called the dogs off or the score could be even more lopsided.

The Bad

It’s hard to be too picky, but penalties are still troublesome, there was a mis-snap on an extra point (which was made,) Boeckman through an interception, ball security (fumbles,) Boeckman is under-throwing targets on deep throws, kickoff coverage, and one sack was allowed.

The Ugly

It’s bad to be a Northwestern fan. But those fans should take heart, it’s a young team and staff and there are flashes of potential. This team will grow throughout the season.

I reserve the right to update this upon my return tomorrow and the weekend update post will likely be delayed tomorrow as well.

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