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The Forgotten Minority

04.09.09 | 2 Comments

Can you see the hidden minority?

Did you know that there was still, in this day and age, a segment of the US population that was unable to be elected to public office, was routinely discriminated against for employment, and was vilified by the press and the public? Not only are these things true, vicious rumors have been started about this population segment which are nothing more than naked lies and propaganda. Yet, no one seems to know, or care about this forgotten minority; it is hidden in plain sight like the fish to the right.

How large is this forgotten minority you ask? Approximately 45 million people, or 15% of the population, in the United States. This forgotten minority is larger than the Hispanic population, larger than the African-American population, larger than the senior citizen population, and larger than the Asian population (All data from US Census Bureau.) Think about that, 45M US Citizens without a voice, routinely discriminated against, and no one seems to care.

The category for this minority? Non-believers. People who do not subscribe to any particular deity or religion. And in fact, given the treatment this minority gets at the hands of the majority, it’s likely substantially under-reported as people don’t wish to be or can’t afford to be labeled something like a “dirty immoral, communist atheist.” Think about it, when is the last time a non-believer was elected to a substantial public office?

Given that minorities like Hispanics, Senior Citizens, African-Americans, and Asians all have garnered some degree of respect and power, isn’t it time for non-believers to gather together to start to drive an agenda that should include things like separation of church and state? My view is, it’s long past time for this to have happened and any minority with a population of 45M should have some clout in the process.

Check out the US Census Bureau for Data on Minorities and the American Religious Identification Survey for details.