My Anti-Contribution To Prop 8

11.01.08 | 8 Comments

Click this sort of Ad to spend the “Yes on Prop 8” campaign’s money
Click on the

I’m so sick of this election – I can’t wait for it to be over. That being said, as I’m surfing the web this evening I’ve been inundated with Yes on 8 advertisements spewing their hate and bigotry in my direction. So…..I’ve decided to click the ads. Why? Because each time I click (or you click, or your friends click) it spends the money of the campaign on someone who won’t vote for it. Think of this as creative anti-contribution to the campaign.

Yahoo Sports is rife with these ads, I encourage you to surf on over and click a few hundred times. If you like this idea, spread it around.

Update: Apparently this idea has some legs, it appears to have been Stumbled and submitted to Hacker News. For the record, I haven’t advocated using bots to do this because that would be a DoS attack. While I disagree with Yes on 8, the campaign does have a right to communicate their message of hate and bigotry and a DoS approach would deny them their First Amendment right.

But I don’t think that humans clicking, making a conscious decision to do so, rises to the level of such an attack and certainly doesn’t interfere with their First Amendment rights. It simply bleeds money from the campaign.