Effigy Antics Need to Stop

11.02.08 | Comment?

Are we sinking to this level of discourse?
Burning in effigy is the tool of religious fanatics

Yesterday in Battle, England, Sarah Palin was burned and blown up in effigy. Thankfully, this didn’t happen in America, but it’s still not cool, not funny, nor is it called for. It’s exactly the same spirit and sentiment of Barack Obama being hung in effigy in Ohio.

C’mon people, you may not like these folks, you may not agree with them, but there is simply no excuse for these kinds of displays. (And I have to admit, the last thing I thought I would be writing on the Sunday morning before the election is this entry – a piece coming to the defense of Governor Palin.)

Feeling frustrated? Take your energy to the phones before election day and to the polls on election day. Make your voice heard. And for you cheeky English buggers, (recognizing you can’t vote here,) don’t you have some of your own problems to attend to?

OK, that’s it, go about your business. Nothing more to see here…

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