West Virginia was a Garbage Touchdown

05.14.08 | Comment?

49-28 scoreboard - clinton still loses even though she scored a touchdown in garbage time.

Here’s an analogy: If we were watching a sporting event like the Super Bowl, the score is 49-28 with 3 minutes left in the game. All the good commercials have been aired and the game was over at halftime when the winning team sprinted ahead to a 35-14 lead. There is no reason to watch the game but the announcers will do anything to keep your attention – talking about how the losing team scored a couple of touchdowns in the second half to make the game “competitive.”

Make no mistake about it, the losing candidate’s West Virginia “win” is a garbage touchdown scored in the second half of a lost game and it was scored against the 3rd team defense of the other team. Why should the winners risk getting star players injured in a meaningless exercise?

Moving away from the sports analogy for the moment, what does it say about the candidate when the only supporters who seem to be enthusiastic supporters are acknowledged bigots, poorly educated, with few economic prospects, and insular? Don’t believe me, look at how these people reacted when the football coach left to take a job at another school. What does it say about that candidate when these people constitute their “base?”

Let’s get real, an exit poll indicated that people who supported the “gas tax holiday” voted for Clinton by a margin of 74%-18%. Do we really want people who are incapable of performing basic math (10 gallons x 14 weeks x $0.184 = $25.76 which will be financed at 8% over 20 years) to be the primary voice in selecting our collective leadership? Thank you very much, but I don’t think so.

When you hear the palaver about how there’s “new life” in the Clinton campaign, remember, these are simply announcers trying desperately to get you to pay attention to a game that’s already decided. It’s noise.

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