He Said You Smell

04.30.08 | Comment?

Tall grade school, playground bully

Sound familiar? You might remember this old saw from your elementary school days. A common, though not creative, taunt intended to stir up trouble between parties instigated, usually, by a third party.

This latest tempest in a teapot is very likely brought to you courtesy of the Clinton campaign and is certainly facilitated by the media. Since when is someone else responsible or accountable for what another person says? The Reverend Jerimiah Wright’s comments aren’t news people, they’re taunts intended to “scare” voters away from Obama.

If the standard is now that people will be held accountable for anything their friends and acquaintances say or do, then we’re all in big trouble. Recognize this for what it is people, tall grade school. The bully is roaming the playground looking to stir up some action. If that’s all it was, that would be fine.

But, I think this is a now becoming a proxy for the race issue; using the words of an angry black man to stoke the fires of intolerance. The message is implied, it’s never clearly articulated, but it is “if you support Obama, you will be letting an angry black man set the agenda for the country, and that’s scary, you don’t want to do that do you?”

Aside from the obvious school bully angle, the racist play is the most insidious of all. Wake up! Think! Don’t fall for it!

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