One Thousand and One Posts

04.18.08 | Comment?

1,001 Entries you must read before you die.

Believe it or not, there are now one thousand and one posts on Musings from the Coast. I first started blogging while at Sun in 2004 for an internal audience only. My first attempt was spotty and I didn’t really find a voice gave it up after a few months. I started again in 2005 and that’s what has morphed into MftC. Here are a few other interesting numbers:

  • 103,703 spam comments
  • 3,200 page views per day on average
  • 1,800 unique visitors per day on average
  • 820 legitimate comments
  • 106 RSS subscribers per day on average
  • 80 total tags
  • 13 content categories

The first post on this blog had to do with a startup in China, Saybot, that taught English language using computer software, a microphone, speech recognition, and speakers. Rereading it now, I can see the bias toward the internal stakeholder community (my former team at Sun) and also the bias toward innovation and interesting ideas (at least interesting to me.)

Now, what do the readers of this rag like? That’s an entirely different list, here are the Top 10 posts all time you’ve seemed to enjoy:

  1. Want to get $3,500?
  2. A Mighty Wind
  4. Sexy Pole Vault
  5. Geek Chic
  6. Hellenologophobia
  7. Global Warming: The Proof is in the Knickers
  8. College Football Rethink
  9. Prison Population Growth
  10. Children with Checkbooks

Well, the first thousand posts have been fun, thank you for taking the time to visit and read them over time. Hopefully, the next thousand will not only be fun to read, but also fun to comment upon and participate. Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!

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