The White Swan

03.27.08 | Comment?

Exterior of the White Swan
Exterior view of White Swan restaurant in Heidelberg

Established in 1778, the Weisser Schwan (White Swan) restaurant has been a fixture in the Zentrum of Heidelberg for some time. During my visits to this charming city, I’ve had a chance to sample quite a few different restaurants and this one is a favorite. It’s nice and inviting, the food is very good, and you can’t beat a table by the window where there are clear views to all the activity on the Hauptstrasse. You can get a sense of the interior from the photo below.

Interior of the White Swan
White Swan restaurant interior, on Heidelberg Hauptstrasse

I had a side salad and the pepper steak with noodles with an Andechser Bock beer, it was excellent. The service was fast, friendly, and efficient (and I managed the whole transaction in German, which is a step forward for me given that I had a vocabulary of 12 words on my first trip.) If you happen to be in Heidelberg, you won’t go wrong with the White Swan.

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