Updated: Sweet Home Chicago

09.13.06 | Comment?

Short entry for tonight, i’m in Chicago visiting my brother. Will write a little more tomorrow. 580 miles today – a long day time-wise, though not so mile-wise.

It’s a new day and I’m (mostly) recovered from the driving and night out on the town with my brother. Yesterday saw three states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Chicago traffic is pretty bad, even by San Francisco standards – 1.5 hours to go 10 miles at one point. I saw the Hormel Spam Museum yesterday, yes, it is more than just a mystery meat with a 66 year history. If you’re around Austin, Minnesota, check it out for giggles. There are thousands of spam cans from around the world on display in this 16,000 square foot exhibit.

Speaking of meat, one of the questions I’ve gotten several times is “what does meatspace coordinates mean?” in my blog footers. Meatspace is physical space as opposed to cyberspace, the coordinates represent my current GPS position on the planet. Not all that interesting when stationary, but moreso when moving.

I’m going to hang out in Chicago a little while more, visit my Mom and Step-Father and then move along east.

Meatspace coordinates: N41.572 W87.413
Ohio State’s 2006 record: 2-0 Next up: Cincinnati 9/16
Tune: Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson
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