Romney is a dangerous man

12.06.07 | Comment?

Candidate Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
Photo Credit: CNN

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech about his faith today. Romney, a Mormon, indicates that if his faith hurts his candidacy, “so be it.” He spent time drawing comparisons between himself and John F. Kennedy – something that would probably have Kennedy turn in his grave. The title of this article is that Romney is a dangerous man.

He’s not dangerous because he’s a Mormon (this religion is as valid as any other religion) or because he is a Republican. He’s dangerous because he is a political creature who changes his position to garner support from the base of the party as it suits him. To get elected as Governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-choice. To get the Republican nomination, he flip-flopped and is now pro-life. He’s now using his faith as a means to rally the conservative religious minority in this country to rally to his side as the “moral and faithful” candidate. Pish tosh.

I wouldn’t comment on his faith except he brought it up, and brought it up publicly. I don’t know Mr. Romney, he may well be a good human being. But, I can say, his public faith is a faith of convenience and rings hollow. Candidates for the Presidency should focus on the core issues of the campaign, not their religion or faith. And the ridiculous quote that is being repeated, “Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone.” is pure, 100%, grade-A, horse hockey. It is nothing less than a propaganda slogan.

Freedom requires judgment, intelligence, and emotional maturity. The #1 enemy of Freedom in the world today is religion. The two concepts are 180 degrees offset. Imagine if children had the vote, Romney would be up there talking about his faith in Santa Claus. It’s functionally the same discussion. I sincerely hope our country is collectively intelligent and self-aware enough to reject this type of naked pandering for what it is. Mixing government and religion is a disaster, you can see that from the last 7 years of so-called leadership. Let’s not repeat history.

And Mr. Romney, I didn’t know John Kennedy, but I can say sir, with some degree of certainty, that you are no John Kennedy. Get over yourself.

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