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Fair Blow Last Night

12.07.07 | Comment?

Argh! Winter arrived on the San Mateo coast this week, and last night, we had quite the blow. Sufficient to rearrange the furniture on the deck and send the trash cans who knows where. As soon as it gets lighter outside, I’ll go find them. The NDBC San Francisco buoy (18 miles west of San Francisco) shows sharply increasing wind and wave heights through the night. Check this data out:

Wave Height
Chart of wave height for San Francisco, Dec 7 2007

Sustained Wind Speed
Chart of sustained wind speed for San Francisco, Dec 7 2007

This series of storms has taken a real toll, earlier this week the fishing boat The Good Guys was lost at sea and its crew of 2 is missing and presumed dead. Also, further south in Monterey, renowned big wave surfer Peter Davi drowned in high surf after losing his board. For all of our technological prowess, Mother Nature is still able to get some licks in – you really do have to respect the power of the ocean.

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