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Crazy College Football Season

11.24.07 | Comment?

In 25 years as a spectator of college football, I can’t recall a season like this one. Prohibitive favorite after favorite knocked off. It’s really pretty entertaining.

The college football action hasn’t really even started this week and we’ve seen Arkansas knock off former #1 LSU (for the record, I thought they were the shakiest of the 1 loss teams – check out my update from last week) and USC returned to early season form blowing out Arizona State on Thanksgiving. Hawaii beat a very good Boise State team to win the WAC – but will lose to Washington next week, mark it down. Their offense is predicated on strong offensive line play and I believe the U-Dub defensive line will have their way with the Warriors…

The winner of today’s Kansas/Missouri game will likely ascend to the #1 spot (assuredly if Kansas, and maybe if Missouri.) West Virginia takes on something of an enigma in UConn, most people think WVU wins in a cake walk – I don’t know, they play defense and that’s usually a bad sign for WVU but it would surprise me if the ‘Neers pull out a closer than expected game. Virginia and Virginia Tech get it on today for a spot in the ACC championship game, look for Tech to win a close game. While in the ACC, look for Florida State to pull the upset against Florida – Florida doesn’t do well this year when playing actual teams with defenses and while FSU’s offense is its achilles heel, I can’t help but think that UF’s defense will be accommodating after giving up 20 to Florida Atlantic (!) last week.

Speaking of the SEC, I’m going to give it some props before ripping it. First off, generally, the SEC beats the teams it should beat. Of the 44 out of conference games, 34 have been played against non-BCS conference competition to date. The conference is 33-1 against those foes. Second, the best player in college football this year plays in the SEC, no not Tebow, it’s Darren McFadden. Third, the conference plays exciting, overtime games. Now, with the props out of the way, this conference has become the Pac 10 of old, gimick offenses and people forgetting to play sound defense. It is, in effect, a conference of Penn State level teams toward the top (LSU, Florida, Georgia) – not a one would win against Penn State presently – and Purdue level teams in the middle. Vanderbilt is something of a Northwestern and Ole Miss is the conference’s Minnesota.

As of today, I strongly suggest that the SEC is the 3rd strongest conference, the Pac 10 and Big 10 are stronger and deeper top to bottom and we’ll see that play out in bowl season. The Big 12 is a surprise to me, Kansas and Missouri are up while Colorado and Nebraska are down. Texas and Oklahoma have faded over the stretch. It’s strong at the top for sure, but I don’t know what to say about the middle. I have an uneasy feeling that Oklahoma State pulls the upset today…

The ACC is a mess. It’s a bunch of middle of the road teams with one really good defense in Virginia Tech. The Big East started strong and has stumbled badly down the stretch, does anyone really believe that West Virginia’s defense can hang with a proficient offense? And what happens when they face a defense with a pulse (USF anyone?) Nevertheless, I see West Virginia in the MNC game because they win out. If the winner of the Kansas/Missouri team draws anyone but Oklahoma from the South in the Big 12 championship game, that will be the other half of the MNC. Otherwise, your Ohio State Buckeyes will complete the dance card.

If the Ohio State defensive line plays with the intensity it did against Michigan, there’s not a team in the land that will beat them. On the other hand, if they play the way they did against Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and West Virginia could beat them. We’ll see, lots of football to be played yet. Enjoy the games today, I know I will. Let’s see the season of the upset carry on in full force!

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