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Free Speech Consequences

09.18.07 | 6 Comments

The video quality is awful, but the message comes through. And it is chilling. If you watch one video on the Internet this year, this should be the one. CNN is now reporting on this incident, read the comments on that page, we’re in big trouble.

A better quality video of the same incident is available from a local news station.

I don’t know which point is most disturbing about this incident:

  • That a young man was arrested and tasered for asking pejorative questions of a powerful politician in public
  • That John Kerry didn’t step in on behalf of this young man, in fact, he continued the event while the man was being tasered in the back of the room
  • That other students didn’t intercede on this young man’s behalf
  • That he was being arrested for “inciting a riot” and accosted for identification

John Kerry, SHAME ON YOU! We clearly have to get professional politicians out of the way, they do not understand the concept of free speech when its looking them right in the face. You may be a war hero, but you were nothing close to being a hero on this day. UF Police, SHAME ON YOU! You escalated a situation that didn’t need to be escalated. Get some remedial training, start by reading the Constitution of the United States. UF Students, SHAME ON YOU! That could have been YOU! And might be YOU at some point in the future. Suggest you read the Constitution and start exercising your rights.

This is a sad, sad example of how free speech is dying in this country. No wonder people are afraid to speak out…they can be arrested and tasered under bogus charges. This young man was asking questions that needed to be asked and refused to take no for an answer. This is why we have the Constitution, to protect his (and your) ability to speak out in public without fear of arrest and/or torture.

Our democracy is dying…you can watch it on video.