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Slap one of these on your cut!

09.14.07 | 1 Comment

Adhesive bandages in the form of bacon strips
Only $4.65 at Sprout

Crime scene bandages
Available at Archie McPhee for $4.95

Crime scene bandages
Available from Perpetual Kid for $3.99

Ninja vs. Pirate bandages
Available from ThinkGeek for $3.99

Devil Duck bandages
Available from WickedCoolGirls.com for $4.95

Tattoo custom bandages
Design your own from $0.15 per bandage at Absorbent Ink

These sure aren’t your standard boring Band-Aids – having recently been punctured (I gave blood Tuesday in honor of 9/11) I want the Crime Scene bandages to have on hand to spice up the healing process…Who knew there were so many different custom bandages? Don’t like these, design your own…

1 Comment