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Buckeyes bite Huskies, 33-14

09.15.07 | 2 Comments

In my preview, I predicted the Buckeyes would prevail 27-10. In fact, they won 33-14, though 6 and 7 points respectively were scored in garbage time in the 4th quarter. Jake Locker is a player, in time, he’s going to win UDub many games. He needs some experience, some more supporting players, and defensive support to bring his game to the next level.

The Good

  • The much maligned offensive line came to play: 220 yards passing, 263 yards rushing, and 0 sacks.
  • The defense bent, but didn’t really break giving up 348 yards, but forcing 4 turnovers.
  • Beanie amassed 134 yards on 24 carries with a touchdown.
  • Hartline and Robiskie showed up.
  • Zero turnovers (2 dropped ints by UDub.)
  • Despite trailing at halftime, they came out swinging ratcheting up the intensity level.

The Bad

  • Todd Boeckman in the first half, he had two throws that should have been picked.
  • The kicking game, 1 missed and 1 blocked field goal – multiple bad snaps.
  • Penalties and mental mistakes, in particular false starts and late hits.
  • Giving up the late touchdown in the 4th quarter – the D took that series “off.”
  • Surrendering 256 all purpose yards to Jake Locker

The Ugly

  • Officiating was lousy, Ohio State should have had a roughing the passer, 15 yard face mask, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown called against them. The false start penalty on the 4th down call was phantom on OSU. The spots were uniformly bad. And Washington wasn’t called once for holding despite tackling Buckeye defensive linemen all afternoon.
  • ESPN’s presentation of the game. The announcers missed calls, the network cut away from the action for meaningless updates on other teams. Too much extraneous activity and “dancing cheese” – I much prefer the fledgling Big 10 Network as they keep it about the game you’re watching.

This was a quality win over a much improved Washington Huskies team on the road in a hostile environment. A strong performance with many teaching opportunities as the Buckeyes roll into Big 10 play next week against Northwestern. GO BUCKS!