Relieved in Montara

04.05.07 | Comment?

I’m very relieved that the powers that be in Iran have done the math and decided that conflict was ill-advised. I’m very relieved that the Brits don’t have to enter into their own drawn out hostage situation with this rogue nation-state. I’m delighted that, this time, we’ve avoided broadening the Iraq war to be the IraX war.

To all sides, thank you for showing some restraint.

To the Iranian government, it’s bad foreign policy to tease a caged bear repeatedly. It makes the bear angry, the bear won’t forget, and it will have no choice but to eat you if this bad behavior continues (which unfortunately, I expect will continue.)

To the US government, see, diplomacy can work. Give it a chance from time to time.

To the hostages, welcome home. Enjoy your families and thanks for your service.

I’m relieved, at least until the next bad behavior. The ending might not be so pretty next time.

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