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Something new in advertising

01.22.07 | Comment?

As evidenced by my earlier entries on advertising in the Rose Bowl and in an NFL Playoff game, I’m not really interested in constantly being advertised at. In part, it’s because it happens alot and in part because the ads are generally bad and in part because people are so rarely selling anything I’m the least bit interested in buying.

However, once in awhile, something new and interesting comes along. This time it’s in the form of an art project that combines the best of Web 2.0 into something interesting that ad agencies ought to look at. Alexis Lloyd created the Ad Generator as part of his thesis for a Masters of Fine Arts. Given that he’s randomly generating the slogans and randomly pulling images from Flickr as a mashup, it’s better than at least 25% of the ads you see out there (I can’t figure out what he’s selling exactly, but that’s common in ads these days.)

Below you’ll see a couple of screen shots from his work, click the image to visit the Ad Generator.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

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