Stub-mania – a weird collection

08.11.06 | 3 Comments

I’ve made several references to the amount of time I’ve spent traveling in the past few years. When I mention places I’ve been people who don’t travel frequently tend to say things like “Oh, that’s sounds great, I wish I had the opportunity to do that.” And you know what, I agree if the travel is reasonably limited. If the travel is frequent, it feels more like a curse than anything else.

A peculiar habit I formed was keeping the ticket stub from each segment flown. Once home, the stub was impaled on a wire holder. Here’s a snapshot of my ticket stub collection from the past 5 years – business travel mind you, not personal.

5 years of business travel on a stick

Here’s a slightly different view, a layout of the stubs on the floor

Before you take the time to count them, there are 224 stubs. That’s an average of nearly 1 flight per week over 5 years. No wonder I feel tired when I think about travel. Consider, 1 whole year of that time I took only 1 flight due to budget constraints and travel restrictions, it’s even worse compressed into 4 years.

I’m not complaining, clearly there are people who travel more than I. But, it’s interesting to see such a physical representation I think.

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