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Ta Da! Our new network home: My Sun Connection

03.17.06 | Comment?

For those of you not plugged into Sun’s internal org structure and missions, I lead a group that is responsible for network services exposed to our customers and partners. The internal name for this team is Customer Networked Services (CNS) and the initiative we’re working is the “Connected Customer.” Our goals are simple:

  • Ensure all Sun’s technology ships connection ready and enabled
  • Create the value that causes users to connect to, participate with, and purchase from Sun.

With that out of the way, we’ve reached a small, but important milestone today: we’ve got our portal deployed into the overall sun.com infrastructure. Check it out:

My Sun Connection

This is a starting point, not an ending point. You can manage your digital assets from Sun here, get interesting new Services, including Support if you’re so inclined, and try out our new tools/services in pre-release in the Fresh Tools tab. If you happen to be using Solaris 10, I encourage you to try out our patch and configuration management service, Sun Update Connection. On average, this saves administrators 4+ hours of time per server per month…..Stay tuned, more services are enroute.

Give it a whirl, tell us what you think!

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