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Cabinetry 101

04.13.12 | 1 Comment

Apothecary Counter with original ugly kick board.
Apothecary Counter with new oak kick board
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Here’s a little before and after on the apothecary counters. Not bad stain matching for a color blind guy!

I made the kick boards from white oak that was first stained with a Red Chestnut color and allowed to set for 15 minutes before wiping off. The second coat was Ebony which was also allowed to set for 15 minutes and then removed. The piece was sanded and then coated with Satin polyurethane before being installed on the cabinets with small finishing nails.

The shape of the base required it to be a 2 board operation. I started off with 1×8″ white oak which was ripped to the right height of 6″, then milled that piece with a router to get the correct edging. The remnant was then milled to 1.25″ and also edged with the router. All of this happened before the stain and finish clearly.

For not being a carpenter, I sure am learning how to get some of this stuff done and to my surprise, I think it’s looking pretty good. What do you think?

The balance of the day today is on products for Oddyssea; which is a very fine thing to do on this Friday the 13th.

1 Comment