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The Tao of Poop

08.09.09 | 5 Comments

No Dog Poop

No, not The Tao of Pooh, really, the Tao of Poop. Yesterday Gracie (our faithful dog) and I were out taking a stroll in the neighborhood as we often do and I noticed a new sign along the way; the sign to the right. I should mention right up front Gracie produces the waste, I collect it and cart it away.

That’s the way of owning a dog in a neighborhood situation – you pack your poop around. Now, that being said, I know a number of our neighbors seem not to believe in poop take away and leave it in some poor unsuspecting neighbor’s yard to be stepped in, gardened upon, or some other distasteful interaction. And, being a home owner myself, I can understand the negative surprise of such an event in your own space.

Given these facts, I think it’s fair to say I understand, I even empathize that a neighbor is sufficiently disgusted to create a “no poop zone” around their domicile.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The presence of such signs make me want to take dear Gracie over and drop a load. It’s wrong, I know it is. I don’t do it. But it’s almost like it’s taunting me personally. So I’m wondering, what is it about us humans that we can see something we intellectually understand and we still seem to have an emotional, visceral, opposite reaction to it?

Well, Gracie and I will continue our walks. She’ll continue to poop, I’ll continue to pick it up and toss it. And, I suspect, I’ll continue to be tempted to flaunt and violate the no poop zone. But I won’t, I guess that’s just the way of dog poop…..