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Allianz Travel Insurance Scam

03.12.12 | 5 Comments

Gracie's wound

Picture this, you’re booking a family vacation months in advance through Orbitz and during your purchase flow, an option to protect your vacation package with trusted company Allianz Travel Insurance. Because you have a family and because you are booking the trip so far in advance and because it costs so much, you choose to buy the travel insurance too. The representation of the insurance policy is that if some act out of your control happens and you can’t take the trip, Allianz has you covered.

Now fast forward, mere days before the trip your family dog, a member of your family for over 10 years is viciously attacked by another dog requiring immediate medical attention and ongoing personal care. This is the time that you care for your family member and you make the difficult but correct choice to cancel your family vacation secure in the knowledge that you bought travel insurance for just this reason.

Now fast forward to the day you receive notice from Allianz that your claim will not be honored because you signed an “exclusionary policy” that does not cover pet emergency. You call their claim line and speak to Nicole and then Pat. Both empathize with your situation, but say there is nothing to be done. You realize now that you’ve been scammed because like 99% of other people, you didn’t read the 28 pages of fine print excluding the very emergency that caused you to cancel your trip.

No amount of common sense will penetrate the evil corporate facade that is Allianz – they wrote a contract and your emergency that you bought the insurance to cover is not in effect. You now not only have an injured dog, but you’ve lost your family vacation money because you trusted a company to honor the core aspect of what insurance is for, unexpected loss. All of that hurts, but it’s really the principle of the matter now and the negative consequence of not honoring an obligation to a customer that Allianz should suffer.

Make no mistake about it, Allianz Travel Insurance is a scam. It is rigged to take your money and provides you with little benefit. DO NOT BUY ALLIANZ INSURANCE. I will be reporting them to the California Insurance Commissioner for false advertising and will lobby that office to suspend Allianz’ ability to do business in California.

Furthermore, I would like to encourage the dog owners of America to opt out of insurance offered by Allianz. On an annual basis, that should account for about 5M of the 13M policies they write annually if everyone got the word (why would you buy it anyway since it doesn’t cover you.) Don’t let what happened to Gracie go without some positive benefit.

It’s clear that Allianz has no intent to pay claims when your trip is cancelled. Don’t give them the money. Meanwhile, I will also be contacting Orbitz today and suggesting to them that they can either a) get on the right side of this issue or b) gain inclusion in the next round of criticism on this issue. They are aiding and abetting (and profiting) from the Allianz Travel Insurance Scam.