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I wouldn’t worry if I was Obama

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Sexy Witch

A recent article cited a poll that showed 18% of Americans now believe, due to the yellow journalism of Fox (or should I say Faux) News, that President Obama is a Muslim. Well hell, I would not worry a bit about that, he knows as I do, he’s just a politician who will believe in whatever he needs to believe in to garner 51% of the vote. That makes him a better man than I. But again, I wouldn’t worry too much if I were him about the Muslim poll thing.

Why you ask? Because of a Fox News poll about various types of super natural belief. 18% of Americans believe that he’s a Muslim (he’s not, though I’m not sure he’s Christian either – as I’m not sure about most people with an IQ above room temperature really being Christian;) there are far more Americans who believe in other super natural phenomena. For example, according to the Fox poll, 24% of Americans believe in witches. Yes, that’s right, witches. Look at the prototypical witch staged to the right, hey, anyone could believe in that kind of witch, right? 😉

But wait, there’s more. 25% believe in reincarnation, no doubt famous historical figures (exactly why are more reincarnates janitors, or maids, or mentally ill from past lives?) 29% believe in astrology (I’m a Gemini, what’s your sign? Oh so 1970’s….) 34% believe in UFOs. The same number believe in ghosts (hmm, would have guessed that witches and ghosts would be closer, wouldn’t you?) 71% believe in the Devil. 74% believe in Hell (if one believes in hell, shouldn’t the Devil be a part of it?) 78-92 of American’s believe in Angels, Miracles, Heaven, and God (again, I would have expected a narrower spread across those beliefs.)

So, President Obama, you may have passed from celebrity to politician status, but you’re still OK. I’d worry if you pass the Devil threshold as that seems to be the majority, but party it up as a Muslim until then. Good luck with that!

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Pasta Moon

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Pasta Moon Logo

For many years we’ve enjoyed the benefits of living on the San Mateo Coast; one of those benefits is having great places to dine when we choose to do so. We certainly enjoy Cafe Gibraltar from when they were located in Montara, Jose Luis has a great flourless chocolate torte and his lamb is always fantastic.

Then there is the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, which we enjoy routinely as a local hangout with good food and good beer (for me, the rest of the family enjoys cranberry juice and other beverages.) It’s family friendly, has a nice salt water aquarium, and good live music. So, we really do enjoy it as a local treasure.

But on date night, when we stay in town, the place we like to go is Pasta Moon. It has decadent hand-made pasta, great specials, fantastic beer on tap, a nice ambiance, and great service. We go to Pasta Moon for special events, like Mother’s Day, as my spouse really, really loves it. If you’re ever in Half Moon Bay, I recommend that you give Pasta Moon a day in court. It’s not cheap, but it is very, very good.


It’s Great in Dayton

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Dayton Innovation T-Shirt

Well, that tag line wasn’t so great, but this T-Shirt is! The good folks at Dayton Prints have put together a very nice, visual representation of innovations that have from the Miami Valley (my old stomping grounds pre-California.) Back at the turn of the 20th century, it was kind of a early Silicon-Valley for mechanical innovation (cars, planes, cash registers, etc.) There are some pretty smart cookies still hanging out there making a living inventing things like next-generation scanning laser micrometers.

Love the T-Shirt. Decoding for those who aren’t in the know, that’s a pull-tab D, step ladder A, backpack parachute Y, airplane T, wire rim wheel O, and cash register N.

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Faith based Auto Repair

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Faith Based Auto Repair

I thought this was hilarious!



Eva Mendes S.EX. Tape

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Well, it’s come to this, we’ve had to change to an all porn format and readers say, it’s about time. So here it is, the post you couldn’t wait to see, Eva Mendes’ Sex Tape. View it, you won’t be disappointed…..