So Long Mr. Bush

01.19.09 | 1 Comment

Bush: Least Loved President according to Pew
The Bush

After eight years of angst, religious faith, faux cowboy wisdom, and more missteps than any leader has a right to make, George Bush (43) departs the Whitehouse. Today is his last full work day. Which is odd to say about the man who took more vacation than any other President, 485 days. Good work if you can get it, that means Mr. Bush was out for 33.2% of his term.

Oddly, I find myself wondering if we might all have been a little better off now if we had encouraged him to vacation a little more. No, I will not miss George Bush as Commander-in-Chief. He simply bumbled from one fiasco to the next thinking everything would turn out alright in the end because god wants America to succeed; after all, this is the chosen nation. If there was justice in the world, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, and the rest of the gang would all be tried for war crimes and torture.

Well, goodbye George. While I haven’t agreed with virtually anything you’ve done, I do believe you were acting in accordance with your belief and within your clearly limited capacity for rational thought and decision making. Please, take a long vacation now. You might find the bottle or other drugs again, it would likely make the time pass a little faster and might keep you out of the public eye. I wouldn’t recommend pulling a Palin post-election…..

One last parting thought to you, as a devout christian:

“Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!”

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